Monday, July 16, 2007



Tiger Woods has nothing over the young, eager, and vibrant upcoming newbie golfers who are just now learning how to play a game of golf. Yes sir, we have three up and coming golfers, at least so far with driving range and putting experience to date. An actual game would be forthcoming, when they're ready. A tournament for our younger son will be forthcoming in five weeks from now.
Ready to begin!

(If only he could wear proper footwear though,
his love of his crocs are not always appropriate
for some of the action he partakes in. )

When we moved to our property in 2006, the children ran around the backyard a few days before our truck arrived, while we were still living at a local hotel. When they returned to the house, they had a surprise with them, 83 golf balls were uncovered in our yard! Now that’s a lot of balls! This summer, we continue to gather golf balls and love when we accumulate those ProV more expensive ones, though the children are opting to keep them for themselves.

The Driving Range was the first stop.

Soon after our moving van appeared and after settling down for several weeks in our new abode, more balls came drifting into the yard, although it seemed strange to me as the golf course was adjacent to our home, but wasn’t “that close” to us.

Three of this son's former Cub Scout members were in the lessons with him.

Next stop, trying out some putting.

I was a bit concerned when the thought occurred to me, a golf ball could fly over some day and land on one of the children's heads while playing out back, so I decided to set off down the road to make an inquiry with the golf course manager, requesting a map of the course to see which hole could present a problem for the future with all these abandoned balls landing in our yard.

I was assured the golf course didn't include any holes pointed directly towards, rather there is one hole parallel to us, though two properties over from ours; so there are just odd golfers who aren’t such a great shot, hitting the grass berms resulting in classic ricocheting of their golf balls over the trees.

We learned about golf ball preferences in a hurry, scouring the internet to find out which brands were better than others were, and how much the balls would cost at a store. Golf balls were sold at the roadside, and our children thought they’d hit a jackpot with money coming into their coffers.

He actually hit the guy driving the golf ball loader. Good thing the driver had a cage to sit in for protection as everyone else also used him as their target.

Recently a decision was made to introduce the younger children to the wonderful world of golf. With something like 27 golf courses in our local area, golf is a popular sport here, though only played for two, and possibly three seasons of the year. Ice hockey is a natural sport in winter, so we are finding out most local people do play golf in this eastern area, and often. And, since we have a golf course within walking distance, or a short bike ride away if the mode of desired transportation appeals more to them, we thought if they learned the game at the very least, whether they liked it or hated it, we have the perfect driving range in our own backyard to play on, and putting could be an option with a mini golf course installed in the back part of the yard. The sky is the limit here, so why not try it.

Finding their golf forms.


The older two have had a few lessons so far, and golf range driving has begun in our yard in earnest. Our younger son began his golfing lessons last week, which will run weekly for the next six weeks. For two hours, he joins several other boys at the golf course, all of them eagerly hoping to get up to “Tiger Woods” playing standards very shortly. It was so cute to watch these younger boys with their lone white golf gloves on one hand, and personal wee little golf bags in tow.

Running downhill with a golf cart on wheels isn't very good, especially when there's a very large steel garbage can at the end, which both boys hit before stopping at the bottom. (snicker)

We’ll see where this new sport leads the children, and I’ll keep you posted over time on the results.


Watch out Tiger!