Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wild Ones!

Wild Ones!

There they were, side-by-side, revving up their engines, and getting ready to fly.

The lawn was not in need of cutting, our old Husquvarna is awaiting repair on the cutting blades therefore quite useless at this time.

So, what were they doing?

Racing of course!

Using the machines as ATVs for the evening, these two were off on a fun adventure around the property, zooming by us, and eventually sailing away into the wild blue yonder. Wild it was, especially when my hubby got into the action and decided to mow down the back corner garden at its completion, and the other two piggy-backed onto one “toy” together, whisking through the tall prickly bushes, assisting to flatten it all down.

There was huge copious amounts of roaring noise, the hooting and squealing coming from their mouths began to echo the radius of the neighborhood, but they were having a blast!

Back corner four wheel driving!

I sat spellbound at what was before me, grabbing the camera and videotaped them in action. What a funny scene!

Now that they’ve had a taste of the ATV type of adventure, they are querying still about when they can ride on the property again…for fun. With the price of gas these days, I suppose if they bought their own, who knows. *wink*