Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Midsummer Project List - The Learning Center#2

"Midsummer Projects"

In the alcove across from the learning center,
you'll find this one below here.


Incidentally, the stairwell used to look like this above, and the Creative Art Center is located on its left side at this present moment.

The second learning center I decided upon was prepared in another area of the vast hallway, one of two, located on either side of the stairwell to the lower floor. This side though had a large alcove here, perfect for more learning organization.

For the summer months, I decided upon a Creative Arts Center, appropriate for all those artsy and crafty summer projects the children look forward to every year. We gathered appropriate additions from all around the house, adding them into the shelving and book organizer shown here.

A variety of art things to choose from are tempting the children.

All the books on the book organizer are craft and creativity centered, and later on will be replaced with books focusing on our units of history and other schooling for each schooling semester’s syllabus. I like to revolve books to keep an interest level piqued, whetting their appetites for more, and the creative center shown here is a huge hit at this time! Don’t you just love this shelving unit? I purchased it at a garage sale some years ago and use it all the time!

We have a variety of art mediums for the children to help themselves to, and plenty of assorted paper for crafts. Once again we have a rubbermaid drawer unit filled with appropriate items for usage, paper doll stencils, a roll of paper for making banners or homemade wrapping paper, coloring and sketch books, stickers, glue items of interest, rubber stamps and ink pads, ink dots and a new supply of hot beads for their pattern blocks and idea book creations.

Rainbows of colors to choose from!

Don’t you just LOVE this time of year when school supplies are out in force, in your face everywhere you shop and the possibilities they provide for creativity being fostered in the children? I loaded up on glue sticks, white liquid glue, pencil crayons, wax crayons, paint supplies and so much more. It’s all here for their free time this summer, and so far the results are terrific!

And on the tabletop, more color
mediums are here to choose from.

Again, my trusty label maker performed well for me. This thing is absolutely indispensable around here! I've used it for every project since I purchased it, and purchased many refills to keep up the organization along the way. It's amazing how easy clean-up time is now, with every items clearly marked for placing them within their present homes. Such a breeze, such a blessing to me! LOVE IT!