Friday, July 13, 2007

Need to cool off?

Come on over,
the water is just fine!

Tis the season to stay cool, fa la la la la, la la la la...

Last weekend, we pulled down the pool from the barn loft, and began the process of setting it up in the backyard. Oh! Where oh where to put it, (big snicker) the big question looming for the day. Naturally the contour of the land had a great impact for placing this type of pool in an appropriate spot, one as flat as possible so the walls of the pool didn't lean to one side. A great location was settled upon, the very same as last year but of course!

It only took eight hours to fill up the pool with the garden hose, and here it is at its peak.

We had a problem occur today however, a wee hole sprung from one seam after a huge thunderstorm struck and the heavens opened up yesterday, dumping huge amounts of rain upon us. The pool filled almost to the brim, the weight likely having something to do with the damage noted today.

An executive decision had to be made today, and tonight the pool is almost empty. We've located the "patch kit" with its acrylic glue, so tomorrow we will be patching up the wee stream where the birdie garden dwellers have moved to for preening themselves in the resulting puddles surrounding the walls of the pool. sigh

When the patch is dry, once again, the pool will be filled up and when you come to visit, we can have a dip together.

Hubby insists our back property is much too big, and is teasing us we will not be placing this same pool up next year. The intense heat we've experienced the past two summers living in the east have literally stretched the vinyl of the pool lining to the point where the tarps as well are almost shot. Perhaps the inventor of this type of pool lived in the west? hmmm... So, with this in mind, hubby thinks we should mimic this pool newly constructed down the block at the local golf course. Wouldn't this be lovely?