Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grandbaby #7 on the way!

Grand baby #7 due date has been changedFor those who may not have noticed the right side bar recently, our seventh grandbaby is on the way. The due date has been officially changed recently, so I had to update the widget countdown to the newer given due date just now. The countdown has changed, so rather than baby's due date being 127 days away, it has been backed up to 136 days away, making the due date of December 9th the grand expected date now.

Pondering other important dates surround the newer due date, it is our grandbaby's Auntie Jenn's birthday that very day. The day before is also great, the "Feast of the Immaculate Conception". However, maybe this wee little blessing will greet us on her big sister's birthday a few days later. Oh, this is so exciting!

Keep an eye on the countdown with us and let's all rejoice at this new life growing nicely within his/her mommy's womb. Don't you just love baby news?