Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer reading.

Summer Reading

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away,
Nor any coursers like a page
Of prancing poetry.
This traverse may the poorest take
Without oppress of toll;
How frugal is the chariot
That bears a human soul!

~ Emily Dickinson

It’s true!

Summer brings reading aplenty!

Children read more in the summertime!

For many years now, our summers begin with a flurry of activity with eager children registering with the local library’s summer reading programs. They also loved to register for the House of James bookstore's summer reading incentives, joining in the fun offered from the store.

Our two youngest once again chose to have second reading programs they registered for, currently both in full swing. Our local library offers weekly craft sessions along with a read aloud for the duration of the time period, a time when the children participating can log their books read with the librarian. A week ago, they also chose to join in the fun by signing up for the “Barnes and Noble” bookstore’s reading incentive for the summer.

Mom just happened to have the camera for this
fun shot at the Barnes & Noble store recently.

Having not participated in their program before, imagine my great surprise to see children picking up books and laying around reading when the heat outside becomes too much. Nestled under a tree, atop the trampoline, under the deck’s canopy around the patio table, on a bed, sprawled on a couch, anywhere really is reading time here!

This bookstore’s summer reading incentive is for children to keep a log of books they read, none of which has to be from their store. Books from a family's private stock, or a local library are perfectly acceptable to read and log onto the reading goal sheets. After completing eight book reads, they can turn in their reading log page for a free book. Well now, isn’t free a good thing?

The author in the spotlight this year’s “Barnes and Noble” summer reading program is none other than “Mary Pope Osbourne” who has written many dozen books in the book series; “The Magic Treehouse Stories”. The stories revolve around Jack and Annie, a brother and sister (aged 8 ½ & 7) who are able to whisk back in time throughout historical time periods from Morgan Lefay’s treehouse high above the ground. Using books as ready references found within the treehouse’s book collection, Jack and Annie are able to travel back in time to experience history first hand. This encourages a junior reader plenty, offering huge adventure, copious amounts of historical knowledge, and high drama amidst the pages of the stories presented.

Tonight I have one child begging to read before bed, to complete his next chosen book so he can log into the Magic Treehouse website to answer the comprehension questions for obtaining his matching book themed reward sticker to place into his adventure passport book keepsake. My reluctant reader loves the challenge, and in the process he loves the fun. My youngest reader is loving the challenge too, and eager to keep nose to nose with her brother.

I noticed once again our historically themed playmobil characters are scattered about, more enhanced role playing learning is happening after a historical time period is discovered with the pages of a new book.

If you have youngsters you’d like to get into a summer reading fun program and wish to use a few of these books with, try this link to get your very own passport book on a free download. The program is available to all!

While we’re on the summer reading topic, author “Jan Brett” has a new book to be launched this September called “The Three Snow Bears”. In preparation for the big day, she’s offering once again many fun things to do on her website. In all she has 4,347 pages of free activities, coloring pages, and projects. Be sure to check out and bookmark her site if you have younger children. Heck, even I still love her books!

Here are a few summer reading bookmarks, a free download from her latest books, sure to be a hit around here!

While on her website, listen to “Hedgie” read his featured book! HERE’s the link to get you to the webpage for listening.

I've got my own personal list for books I'd like to take time to read, and with more interior painting soon to commence on the main floor (the only rooms never done), I'm reserving many books on tape from the library to listen to as I proceed with my work of the days ahead. Two years ago, we were renovating our home and painting every room of our previous home. I was able to multi task, drowning out all the noise surrounding me (smile) by listening to eleven books on tape. Now that's a great summer reading program when completing novels and chores at the same time.

How's many books are on your summer reading list this year?

Ready, set, GO!