Friday, July 06, 2007

The Grandfather Gathering

The Grandfather Gathering

It was a scramble to get an airline ticket for hubby to fly west to represent our family at Michael’s funeral yesterday, and prepare assorted items for him to bring along for others in his suitcase. Since he felt incredibly led to be there, and life is in a super fast mode over here this week for me, it was a no-brainer for him to travel alone.

The trip was planned and arranged with great hesitation on my part. The memory of our last long flight home from Hawaii included a huge scare with unpleasant health panics at high altitudes, and, after all, he was going to be alone! As thought provoking as it was, all went according to plan and without incident…Thank you God!

All the "western connection" half of our family (wink) met last night for an impromptu dinner, all arriving for parts of the evening at varying times for stolen moments together. It was the first occasion where all of our six grandchildren were able to be at the same place, at the same time. Knowing this would be so in advance, I begged for photos. Here at long last, is a photo of the grandchildren all present together, with hubby in their midst.

Generations of Love

It is reflected in a Grandfather’s eyes.
It echoes in a Grandfather’s touch.
In every smile and whisper shared,
Tween a Grandfather and Grandchild.
It shines for all to see.
Generations of Love.

All six of the grandchildren with hubby.

Though supposedly I am continually reminded the “lazy days of summer” have arrived, we aren’t yet complete in our yearly schooling syllabus schedule, having had time off for our vacations sprinkled throughout the year. Our schooling includes mostly the tail end of basics, so July will see early mornings with a regular routine for the most part until our actual ‘schooling vacation’ begins.

I must admit, I almost choked on my latte yesterday afternoon when attending appointments in town. I observed no less than four signs announcing sales of "Christmas in July". Now isn't THAT rushing the summer season a wee bit! I personally wish to savor each and every day of this summer season myself!

There are also plenty of other activities happening within the home, and much is becoming accomplished with pencil markings crossing off items on my “things to do” goal sheet. Since I'm a project orientated person, it's my natural desire and forte to work unceasingly until a project I begin has completed. I have logged in ten hour days recently ensuring one project after another gets to that stage (with little sleep from all the excitement of ticking those things off...snicker), so there is much to catch up on for blog postings; little by little they will appear. Thanks for your patience and I trust you are all enjoying your summer.