Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another year gone by

Oh Happy, Happy Day!

Golly! It feels as though this young man just became a teen, and here this past birthday, he is already seventeen.

A few of the Friday night ball hockey young men joined our son for some birthday fun after their time together shooting and scoring in their challenging round robin games played on the sports court.

What a great group of young people, a pleasure to have them all here.

Ever notice though, just how crazy some young people are with their photo sessions these days?

There is either some sort of finger play involved, or a tongue hanging out, and worse yet, a hoodie hat on their head almost covering their eyes. Duh, cool dude? *snicker*

They know these photos will come to haunt them someday, but for the here and now, they think they are very "COOL" and we'll allow them to believe that.

This night though, while "attempting" to take photos, someone was ALWAYS doing something with their hands, fingers or hoodie hat coverings, so my hubby and I decided to become involved in a bit of a photo shoot with our son, turning the tables back at them all.

Word of warning ...

This is not a usual thing for us, but (LOL) - we got them back, and good!

I wonder what the future will hold for photo fun in our home now? :-)