Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For the love of riding

For the love of riding

Spring brings warmer weather and horse riding in the outdoor riding ring. Yesterday she was able to ride a new horse the owner was contemplating on keeping, on loan for a trial riding period. This horse was name "Ronnie", and what a beauty he was!

Two weeks ago, this daughter completed her eighteen month long commitment as a mother's helper, where she assisted a family with five young children (the youngest was a newborn preemie in the beginning) for eight hour shifts each Saturday. Her dream was to free up this day each week, hoping to obtain work in a horse barn this summer.

Last night, she was in her element, not only riding another new horse, but also after her lesson when her instructor had just offered her a summer job, doing exactly what she was longing to do. Being paid to do what she loves to take part in already is truly a dream come true.

During the summer horse camp sessions, she will be part of a team with another rider to work around 38 horses, working in rhythm with the four legged animals she loves to bits.

Moving east has definitely blessed her and her sister with equestrian abilities never thought possible before. How neat to see them so "horse crazy", so here's to summer jobs in a barn filled with horses!