Monday, May 05, 2008

When the weekend comes..

When the weekend comes... husband loves barbeque season upon us again and digs out his chef tools of choice. This is the first of many meals to give mom a reprieve from the kitchen, but he personally finds it a great distraction and is content to flip through cookbooks to become inspired, and then he will plan, execute and enjoy his own delectable meals with the rest of the family at home feasting alongside him.

Bless us O' Lord! Dig in everyone!

I will give a wee update from the blog titled "A time to trust", in that I am super happy to report the back-to-work trial run is proceeding according to plan.

I also wish to extend hearty thanks to all who have been writing to us both in the comment section and/or via all the private emails received, those offering prayers and support. As expected, it's been a huge adjustment this past two weeks within our family, with lots of emotion and a deep uncertainty as to where this is all heading and for how long. We are definitely taking baby steps here.

My husband's first week ended with adjustments galore in the workplace as anticipated beforehand, and quite a bit more mental fatigue than he expected, mostly from the attempt at getting back in the swing of a daily regime and becoming fully immersed into a new portfolio responsibility, rather than a health issue alert.

This past weekend was a little different because not only did I still see the mental fatigue present as typically expected from the reading, computer work, physical adjustment and so forth, I became a wee bit concerned when I noticed the physical fatigue in his eyes. Although it's something akin to being normal during any given day for him, the fatigue that is, a wife usually knows when her man needs to acquire plenty of rest, offering to kick his environment into a survival mode routine for the duration of the weekend so he's prepared for Monday when it happens all over again (smile).

Is he still enjoying this new challenge? Absolutely!