Friday, May 30, 2008

Cool chicks come to visit....

Cool Chicks!

What an eventful day around here!

Two of our children enjoyed a visit with friends on their farm, excited about seeing all the new animal life in the barns, as well as all the many things offered by such a wonderful working farm venue.

As my friend Renee over there (the mommy with the same name as me! COOL!) built a lovely bonfire to have a cookout later on in the afternoon, the children scurried about visiting and experiencing so many fun things together.

The kittens were so sweet and teeny tiny yet, but it was the baby chicks that stole our children's heart - to the point where we are officially thrust into the wonderful world of "baby chick babysitting" - three of them for the weekend.

At first I wasn't too keen on the whole idea, wondering how we city slicker/country wannabees would accomplish such a mighty task, and then Renee made it very simple for us.

She carted over a nice sized box to keep them in, a heat lamp, food and other wee necessities. I was assured all they require is food and water, but not to be too upset should we happen to lose one.

Oh dear! That would be so sad!

Meanwhile, these little feathery creatures are sitting on our laundry room floor tonight, peeping so loudly, we'll have to close the door overnight so we don't hear them while we attempt to sleep here.
(Stepping over one another was common,
much to the chagrin of the one trampled on of course)

Speaking of sleep, these funny chicks have been so active today, as one might want to rest his weary body for a moment, another comes along and walks right over top of him, sending him squawking with a great shrill. Apparently these are just something called layer chicks, and other than that, please don't ask me what specific type they are, we won't be able to answer you. wink

So, our daughter is in charge of these little peepers until Sunday evening around 8pm. We'll be back to share how the weekend went around here. Until then, wish us luck!

Goodnight she says, for at least the tenth time tonight...