Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A little Japanese cuisine...

A little Japanese cuisine...

It's a cultural thing to be sure, when attempting to acquire a new taste for food cuisines around the globe, at least for those yet sampled. Often, we tend to hover around the ones we are familiar with, perhaps those from a favorite restaurant in town we frequent, or something from our heritage family recipe collections.

When one travels, one is always wisest to "eat where the locals eat", just to be safe and also to experience the simple pleasure of experiencing a bit of culture new to us. That is what we do tend to do, scout out a worldwide cuisines filled with local people, especially when we're in an area unknown to us, at least now when out and and about adventuring since our move eastward.

No matter where we've been around the globe, we tend to seek out a quaint cuisine nearest the sea serving Japanese food, namely sushi (smile), and today we found one such place, and I am leaping up and clacking my heels together after the fact.

Appetizers of "Seaweed salad" above,
and "Seafood Sunomono salad" below

So, if you share the love of a Japanese cuisine appetit like the photos shown here, you'll appreciate the visual art a sushi chef blesses his patrons with.

So sorry I'm unable to share this meal with you, and obviously I can't ship any westward, so you'll just have to be content to drool over it all.

The End!