Friday, May 23, 2008

Soccer season is here

Soccer Season is HERE!

Last night we headed to the venue for our first night of soccer with our rather large homeschooling group here.

A chilly first evening, but the sun was shining!

Parental volunteers were plentiful for the 150++ children/teens out for another season of soccer fun , and as usual, some of the men were having a great time amongst themselves, let alone the blast the children were having. :-)

Can you see our older son running hard?

The older group's coach is super fantastic once again, the same as last year and he motivates the teens to perform well, encouraging fair play within the boundaries of competition and there was alot of that last night.

Plenty of visiting on the side lines

The air was fresh and crisp, almost too brisk for shorts, though the brave did appear in their finest soccer attire - shin pads, shoes and all.

She was happy to be here, team shirt and all

Five separate groups scurried about the fields, orange cones were speckled all over as far as the eye could see during the skills and drills preliminary instruction.

All of the children ran fast, played hard and had FUN! Note to the children though - always remember your water bottles!

Oh, and speaking of homeschooling in general. Dr. Laura has spoken, taking the topic to heart on her blog yesterday. For some insane reason, there are still people out there who think homeschooling children aren't socialized properly, that bad "S" word is ludicrous for the most part, especially in a large family such as ours. I've personally had more chuckles and shaken my head more times over the years over the blatant ignorance from well meaning folks who just haven't got a clue on the entire topic, especially when it comes to our family in particular. I'm not trying to be nasty, or step on any toes, but really now, head on over and read Dr. Laura's viewpoint and get a glimpse of her "real world" details. :-)