Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life's simple pleasures

Life's Simple Pleasures

It’s interesting how our days revolve around the natural rhythm of the year, wrapping ourselves around children’s activities and life’s necessities. A flurry of activity usually accompanies each new day’s beginnings, and that my friend is just how it is with a large family under one roof together.

At last though, with a few things on the calendar settling down for the summer months ahead, this past Saturday morning we weren’t hustling about having to drive anyone anywhere, nor were there any children requiring to be in several places at once.

As my husband has become accustomed to earlier mornings since his return to a work attempt, we escaped my hubby and I, quite early in the morning, simply out to enjoy simple moments together in a local coffee shop this past weekend.

Mellow music filled the air and a fresh crisp newspaper awaited our visit nearby, not yet read nor even unfolded for that matter. It was our lucky day he and I, for we ordered our frothy latte coffees, and something to go along with them, sharing together, only in a way a married couple of many years can.

Yes, we share not only a little something to go along with our hot morning cuppa, we also share the newspaper well, never fighting or getting silly over who gets which section first. I always happily acquire the front first section and my hubby always heads straight for the business part. Are we are team, or what?

What section do you head for first?

No hurry!

No rush!

Sheer bliss!

Just something so simple as a lovely time with good company, each doing our own thing and yet so together sipping a hot latte, and usually when mine are often merely “warm” at best, “hot” is good this day!