Friday, May 09, 2008

Oh, the world within a book's cover

A whole world awaits
the reader of a good book!

From our collection of "Childhood of famous American biographies", our son chose "Davy Crockett". It is at times such as this one when I just smile and begin to wonder what the imaginative fall-out will be once the last page has been turned from such an adventurous novel.

Of course, the whole Davy Crockett thingy will be rampant around here, as the raccoon tail furry cap comes out of the dress-up trickle trunk first thing, and a whole new perspective develops after this son surveys anew our acreage shortly after each daily reading period.

Heck, we even have live raccoons roaming nearby, and often at nightfall.

Maybe he'll decide to set up some traps. Maybe he'll catch his own tail and make his own cap.

Heck, who knows for sure.

In the end, it's the spontaneous beauty of a child's cogs turning I await on, camera in hand, though this son seems to scoot about hiding while hunting and trapping in the back field most of the time in the taller brush (see this link to the area here), playing as expected and being so fun and imaginative. So I don't seem to be getting those pictures I so yearn to snap of this son at play to share with least not yet. Maybe another day...

Deep in his book! He looks so innocent, doesn't he?

We've been here before with other sons before this one of course, and it makes my heart swell to watch all of their creative minds develop and flourish, enjoying the simplicity of their youthful childhoods, just as it should be while they are young.

But, alongside of Davy Crockett, something from our modern day is taking on a new addition into the imaginative flair of this same son, both at the same time. I have no idea who is is reanacting from day to day, especially when reality shows become available in DVD boxed series, and the now much older sons are continuing to influence little brothers from afar. Specifically, I'm talking about the presence of Mike Holmes, from Holmes on Homes coming to visit via our television screen, season five to be precise, the only one we own thus far. But, ask our big boys about this same series, they have them all and love them. Davy Crockett is all about outdoor adventures. Mike Holmes is all about indoor adventures, or is he?

This past week I found this same son around the other side of the barn swinging a hammer onto two wooden palettes from our now absent brick piles (link here to see) from the past. My jaw dropped when I noticed his father's tools scattered on the grass, laying about ready for some sort of use after his imaginative flair was lite on fire after one single episode! A deja vu again, another son building THINGS from bits of wood, THINGS not recognizable to me, but to him they are castles, forts, wonderful sorts of things.

As a precursor to the outdoor findings, I noticed shortly beforehand this same son had spent much time with a piece of paper, measuring and sketching select details of something or other. Click! Once I saw what he was working on outside, rather what he was beginning to work on, I saw that same sketch tacked up nearby in full view.

What brought me outdoors though, wasn't his building, and it wasn't the blueprint! I found out someone had been rustling about in my office/studio, and I found half a container of finishing nails missing from my shelf!

My little thief was so busted!

When I approached him, he patiently explained his plan to me in a most enthusiastic way, and offered apologies for his stealing...sort of. Man oh man, it was difficult to remain poker faced listening to him....sigh... so cute! How can anyone be upset with a child in his element! He looks so innocent doesn't he? *wink*