Saturday, September 19, 2009

And this pig built a house of stone...

There are days when even our best drawn plans and goals tweaked out on our calendars can become muddled in a second, and patience remains at a premium when tested through no fault of our own.

I shared with a friend how I felt everything was falling apart around me, and sure enough, it is!

In my humble opinion, just give me back my former red brick classic looking home exterior again anytime, this stone facing stuff so far, is for the birds. But if you ask my hubby how he feels, he prefers the stone. laugh.

We are in "Week Two" of stone de-facing detailed work on our home's exterior. I am usually a good sport at most anything, home deficiencies and all. I have to admit though, it's fast becoming (almost) annoying to find subtrade workers chatting and inspecting with their coffee clutching early morning moments outside of our windows BEFORE 7am every day this week. Little by little, the time has become earlier and earlier for some reason.

Add to that, multiple (house shaking) hammering stints when workers began removing said stone pieces at two different locations so far from the front facing of our home on each side of our front door, and one's patience (mine) has been fairly tested.

Noise pollution rocks the house, and the drilling has rattle my core during periods of my day. And then, we won't talk about the lack of privacy for outdoor viewing, from both the dining room and library windows....someone always right there before us when looking out the window panes.

I completely understand this task is monumentous and must be complete before winter. Our subtrade crew couldn't be nicer people. At least despite the early working hours to begin their day, it's outside. For all of that, I'm very grateful.

The purpose again of this stone work removal and re-installation had to be performed due to faulty mortar and many loose stones resting on the facing of the house. Dangerous at best, someone could have been injured if a stone had fallen before now, happy none ever did.

BUT, the worst part is the water drainage from the contour of the rooftop was working its way through that faulty mortar and into our home, or missing the eavestroughs below altogether. In winter the huge icicles hung, eaves backed up and iced to expand them, forcing roofing shingles to heave and the water paths to wonder everywhere. Damage to our garage was preventable, and the original stone masons are long gone.

Enter into the picture a new company on our home from the original people, and they just keep me entertained while shaking their heads at the end result they've discovered after the stones are gone.

Yes, two fine young lads have been our main working team, two inspectors lagged behind showing up here and there, and one of those lads father is the owner of the company.

Add to that a few laborers who drive in and out of our driveway with tractors holding skids of rock and cement bags plus a few trucks with looky-loo stone workers curious over "what discoveries were made behind those stones", and a home owner endures much commotion outside very early in the mornings, continuing all day long until the dinner hour.

Soon, very soon this will all be behind us, in the past, and it will be then we will toot this experience as one of those HOT TOPICS during our "Thankful things" during Thanksgiving dinner.

Patience....I'm praying for my cup to continue running over with this fine virtue.

On another note, I had several blog posts all written up and ready to upload all this week, that is until my computer began acting up severely from a sudden virus via someone's email. I acted quickly and performed a factory setting full blown 'recovery' on my computer, where everything vanished. Thank goodness I backed everything up recently, not to worry then. Admittedly it's a little inconvenient, but on the BRIGHT SIDE, I feel as if I have a brand new computer again. teehee.

I'm typing up all my posts from scratch again, so keep watching out for more to come.