Wednesday, September 02, 2009

(NOT) Wordless Wednesday - :-)

Scaffolding is up, workers await their duties.

First though - Delays this week due to massive wasp nest, dealt with this morning.

Even though it's a stat holiday on Monday, rock walls around upper windows on both sides of the house are coming down.

Some of the rock facing may be reused, all of the mortar must be replaced.

"Defective" was the buzz word.

I'm just thankful none of them fell and hit anyone below since we've lived here.


on another front...

We've really enjoyed our new deck and the ability to get outside through the back door this summer. That is, until the back door delaminated and wouldn't open anymore. Apparently there was an issue with it before we moved in and they thought it was repaired right.

The result is the builder's tradesmen couldn't open it either, the delamination wreaking havoc on the entire inner door area and eventually it began ripping off the wood base of the door (and door brush which tore off completely, not seen in the photo below obviously).

The door is in need of.... replacement. Not an easy task when one realizes there are actually two doors here on one larger door frame. The builder and his guys will attempt a reglue of the door first, but are having a tough time finding a temporary door to fit the frame of this area.

Guarantee given; When winter comes, all of the outdoor work will be least that is my prayer today.

Meanwhile, the sun is out and it's still summer, so off we go to get some of it on our faces. Have a great day everyone!