Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still here...

Just in case you were wondering, I'm still here!

At 4am yesterday morning I hugged and kissed one of our sons and his two older children (our grandchildren) goodbye as they journeyed back home again to B.C.

We spent a whole week hanging out together, that is the children and our younger two mostly with me, because our son came to work and work he did. With twelve gallons of paint, most are now empty and their contents rolled and brushed onto our walls.

There were several rooms' walls left incomplete when the deadlines fast approached before our move into this home last December, so a quick "wash" was all the painters could get onto our walls and some of the ceilings in those specific rooms.

With our son and daughter in law's baby number five on the way and due in December, their need for a new vehicle and our need to rid ourselves of ours sitting in our driveway (the one we had been experiencing a grand dilemna about - see HERE) created quite a lovely bartering idea, a benefit for all of us. He labored away by painting upwards to 14 hours most days, and we were able to gift them with a reliable larger vehicle to drive home for the family's usage. Grand trade if you ask me. Our walls and ceilings are d-o-n-e and our son is very pleased with his new family vehicle, our former eight passenger van.

The only problem was the drive he was about to journey consisted of a 42 hour timing according to Mapquest across Canada, a journey they are still traveling as I type this up. My wild beating mommy's heart worries too much I am told, but that is a very long, long road trip for two little children for sure, let alone anyone else.

Two of my Grandbabes

Meanwhile, boy did we have a great week here with lots of fun for the "littles" and this ole Nana (grandma). I have much to share with y'all including more nature posts with our snake skins found in our garage (maybe those snakes were after the wee mouse in there?) Tonight I am typing up a storm with many posts being created thus far and more do. I'll time them to appear on a regular basis over the coming week so as not to inundate you to bits.

Imaginations soared around here this past week aplenty!

Ahead, tomorrow we will be baking a cake to celebrate the feast of "The Exaltation of the Holy Cross" (you can read about it HERE), and will enjoy more of the same sunshine which has completely filled our days over the past two weeks. It's been hot enough for beach days, and yet the accompaniment of moist dew on the ground throughout the evenings to keep our grass seed sprouting. Gotta love it!

Have a lovely evening;