Friday, September 04, 2009

Farmer's Market Booty - Corn!

Don't you just love this time of year? Not only has the dreadful humidity drifted off this past week and the temperatures still lovely and hot for any summer's day, one begins to recognize autumn is nearly right around the corner. You know what that means, right?

Farmer's Markets!

This week I was able to load up on three types of corn; "Peaches and Cream, Incredible and Miracle". I had never heard of the last two types of corn, normally used to my purchases being "Jubilee" and/or "Peaches and Cream". I had no idea there were so many variations of sweet corn, all growing according to type of yellow, white, and red, and even edible multicolor varieties.

Depending on where you live, there are many factors for which type of corn to grown in your area. A few include; soil, light, and climate. Throw in a few summer monsoon storms, a couple of tornadoes and your corn crop should provide tasty treats for the multitudes.

We have plenty of farmers' markets locally, and the random vegetable and/or fruit booty awaiting visiting customers never leaves one feeling hampered by poor selections.

I'm so in love with my own idea of "harvesting" from our farmers' booties to provide a wide variety of nutrition for my family over the winter time. So, we've been working hard - washing, cleaning, blanching, chopping, grating, peeling, stuffing containers.... anything to do with filling up my freezer and canning jars for the winter's cache of fresh food bounties.

Back and forth she went, one pot full after
the other ready for blanching for five minutes
or so before chopping up for freezing.

Corn is a controversial food for nutritional fare given fad diets avoiding it, its an allergy issue for some but did you know how rich in antioxidants this veggie is?

Cook it too much, you'll lose all of its Vitamin C, though in return cooking "sweet" corn releases not only increased levels of ferulic acid, but it also retains its antioxidant activity. Oh, and if I may be so bold as to blow out the fact we support "local" who are prone to using mostly heirloom/organic corn seed rather than resort to buying from engineered corn seed productions. (ah-hem).... (sorry to others out there for stating this as I prefer the old fashioned good stuff instead).

Blanche, and cut. Yeah baby, we are going to really enjoy this harvest booty come snowy cold wintry days.

Several of these bowls were filled up, one after the other, the corn bagged and placed into the freezer for later.

Hmmmmm, wow did my kitchen SMELL GOOD!

The best part of the kitchen load; knowing all of this fresh food is right at my fingertips, ready to use, a blessing.

Farmers' Markets?

Oh yeah! Right up until the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend I was told today, the second weekend in October. Weekly I will continue to visit, support local and lovingly prepare our winter's booty at home for my family. It is so exciting to see all the fruits of our efforts in the freezer, pantry and canning jar storage room. And oh, oh, oh, I feel a lovely batch of creamy corn soup coming soon to our family's dinner table with a fresh loaf of Rye from the local baker at the next farmer's market. Yep, bakers are there too, gotta love it!

Just a tip; The hardest part of food preparations for winter is avoiding the temptation to eat it while working, like my young son who requested "just one cob mom" because "it smelled so good".

Finger licking good!