Monday, September 14, 2009


Our dessert tonight focuses on the importance of this day.

September 14th
"Exaltation of the Holy Cross"

This day is such an honor to celebrate and behold in a most profound way. One cannot help but be touched by the historical richness this feast day adds to our liturgical calendars at this time of year, on this very day it was assigned for venerating the Cross of Christ so long ago. I stand in awe once more at the knowledge of just what this day (and cake feasting) symbolizes for our family. It's a beautiful reminder to all of us here in our home that carrying our crosses is all done for the glory of God!

The veneration of the Cross of Christ originated in the fourth century by St. Helena, the mother of Constantine after her miraculous discovery of the cross in 326.

This day has been celebrated around the world on September 14th within the Liturgical Calendar ever since the discovery from St. Helena, though here in the west, we've only celebrated the feast day practice since the seventh century after the Roman Emperor Heraclius recovered a piece of this same cross after seizing it from the Persians in 629.

We adore Thee, O Christ and we bless Thee
because by Thy Holy Cross,
Thou hast redeemed the world...

You can reference much more about this feast day both historically and biblically, by clicking over to "Women, Faith and Family's website" found by clicking HERE.