Saturday, September 26, 2009

Current topic of study= Native Indians

Can you tell after viewing my last post with our children's faces painted up that imaginations are soaring around here?

Our current topic of study is always most fascinating, even for me. It is obviously sending the children into imaginative play since our visit with our grandchildren recently, a time where together they all spent chunks of time running around the property barefoot, singing and performing Indian rain dances for one another resulting in fits of giggles, and where they were intent on remaining on task for continual hunting occasions throughout our property's forest in search of arrowheads. (wink)

One little, Two little, Three little, Four little Indians...

Looking at this photo above one cannot help but smile. All except for one of them are trying to look stern and serious, like real warriors. Truly though, I'm amazed over just how much all of the children have grown as our dress up clothing is looking mighty small on them now.

So cute, our grandson insists on carrying the beloved tomahawk his own father made many years ago (yes I saved it in our dress up trickle trunk), when he was not much older than his son shown below.

  • Hats off to the mother who allows for bulk sessions of imaginative play during her days.
  • Happy are the children who can put their own face paint on using the bathroom mirror and remain content throughout the day, even during the dinner hour over their choices of warfare facial artistry.

What has assisted in making this historical topic of study all the more interesting was noting the dozens of men who were dressed in full white garments only two (country) blocks away. Apparently they are in the process of an archeological dig after the chance discovery of an ancient Indian burial ground located there. Oodles of bright orange flags are inserted into the ground among digging zones. I can't wait to find out more myself!

Native Indian Burial Ground

According to the archeologists working there and local police who have cordoned off this area for study and digging detailing (some of whom I've spoken with), the exact native tribe name is remaining under wraps for now. Oh, it's all simply fascinating stuff!