Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

Yes, admittedly, in my eager desire to gain more patience with the noise over my head by week's end, my mind became filled with thoughts of "Carpe Diem". :-)

My eagerness to continue with summer savoring moments sparked a deep desire to head out - out to the Beach!

Ah, yes, any time anyone feels rattled in their heads or innards, just get your body down to the water's edge and enjoy the tranquility offered there.

Our days have been filled with beautiful skies, warm sunshine (25C) and the freshest air one could ask for. There is no humidity, no cloudy haze in the sky, just superb summer weather to make our hearts all warm and wonderful.

Last Wednesday afternoon we packed a dinner picnic for beach time relaxation once I dropped our daughter off for a short work shift on the way. And then, on Thursday we packed a lunch picnic and off we went AGAIN. If you ask me (are you asking me? LOL), it was just what we all needed around here. Best decision all week long!

THIS is the very best time of year to me, to grab daytime moments at the water's edge because they are usually quite barren, as opposed to body to body denseness on most summer days.

Our family has a tradition of packing up food and drink for whole weekday beach days in late September when the misty fog has not yet lifted along the shores. In the early hours our children know it's not swim time yet, rather beach exploration and possibly hide and seek game time instead. Even when it is still a bit chilly initially, a warm cuppa something fills the body with goodness until the sky just seems to open up to kiss and greet the day with its radiant heat soon spilling down all over us. Refreshing. Relaxing. Rejuvenating.

It's such a great activity for an entire family, relaxation aplenty. The children are entertained very easily at the water's edge. Simple pleasures reign at these special locations.

We take long walks, enjoy special chats, collect things for our nature boxes, discover even more things about the sea and relish in our time together.

By day's end, our front row seating to the sunset allows for the gentle hush of the evening to wrap around us, an event in itself, and soon we begin to pack up and head home again.

A big bonus is how well everyone sleeps, deeply and dreamily to render one complete wellness is so many ways.

Who says we need "tropical beaches" to make memories such as our days last week?

Why not instead enter into a "local mode" and be with your family during these last days of summer at a water's edge near you, weather permitting of course. You'll never regret it.