Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer's Thankful Things

There are so many things to be thankful for during seasonal changes.

It's such a personal pleasure thing for me to peak through the lens of my camera often, using various angles, zooms, camera speeds and focusing selections. My hubby and children know the camera is always along and near to my side wherever I go and all have become quite patient when I shout "stop the car" for yet another photo shoot.

There are times when I just "see" a perfect picture (is this normal?) before I can even grab my camera quickly enough to freeze the moment in a forever Kodak session format.

While I do attempt to capture the beauty of each season, it becomes almost surreal and breathtaking for me when the time comes to watch my photos appear on my computer screen after a fresh upload. With just one click of a button, I sit back with my cuppa hot drink and become enthralled with the end result of my photo shoots.

I've finally burned all of my spring and summer photos onto disks to preserve and keep them secure for future usage. I prefer to look for Costco specials and order prints in bulk, one season at a time, before filing them in my scrapbooking photo corner of my craft room. Some day I'll actually catch up on all my family memory scrapbooking projects, but in the meanwhile my hubby just snickers at me each time I complete this photo preserving endeavor where I have to shake my own head and admit that it took all 50 disks (the whole spindle full!) to save just two season's worth of my photos. (snicker)

Okay so go ahead and laugh at me will ya... smile. I can't help it. I can't help but continually marvel over all the wonder and beauty contained in each unfolding season when revolving from one to another round the year.

Taking photos for pleasure is one thing, however not ever sharing them is quite another issue, a crime actually in my opinion (smile). Therefore... (drumroll please) I've sorted through some of my photos from the last week or so and decided to post the following random ones here in a potpourri display to salute some of our many "summer's thankful things".


Sugar cookies to suit the season

Bright blue skies and white billowy clouds

Yummmm, ripe red strawberries

Dinner date with my hubby at sea on a sunset cruise

My hubby's homemade salsa with his famous lime zest additions

My hubby's love of cooking and being able to watch
him enjoy some relaxation by his beloved BBQ

Food preparation in the kitchen from me,
and then handed over to my hubby for cookouts

Blueberries! Can you smell those wonderful oxidants?
Yum! I could eat these all day long myself...

The view from my kitchen table on lovely days

An abundance of freshness from the season
and collecting our bounty from the local farmers market

Wind flying through our hair while on our wheels

Roma tomatoes! Even when my hubby surprises
me with a 50 pound basket with enough work for
two full days ahead of me. (wink)

Candlelight, ice cold drinks in fancy stem glasses, and sunset views

Freshness and goodness in our kitchen

And here we are still today, still summer right?

When we heard the weather forecast for today, it was unanimous we will be packing up a picnic later today and heading off to the beach for sunset front row seating. Hooey! Nothing like remembering that "it's still summer"....

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a lovely day.