Monday, September 28, 2009

Mail Call! Anytime is Grandbabe time.

To my family back west, my apologies; Lost are all my posts in draft form on my computer when all crashed and a new beginning enabled me to have a like new computer to work on. Never fear... I know I am behind and will catch up as time passes.

As I stumble along uploading all the photos again for the posts I'm rewriting and gathering the bits and snippets to go along with them, please allow me to share some sweetness here by way of a recent
"mail call" from family out west.

Our daughter and grand-daughters filled an envelope with many delightful hand written items, drawings, cards and a Cd of cheerleading cheers our younger grand-daughter is learning. We have a cheerleader in our family, a first, and it's been so sweet to hear of her efforts by way of watching her learn her songs and cheering efforts via the web, but alas we got our very own CD with a few bits to watch over and over again at home. So sweet!

Isn't she just the sweetest cheerleader you've ever seen?

(I had more of these but my internet satellite system
wouldn't allow for them all to upload. gahhh - crazy!)

Keep on pumping up that team spirit - Wooooo

Both girls are very involved in many activities and their mother leads a busy life playing taxi for them, something we all can relate to for sure. (wink) Recently we've learned our oldest grand-daughter has chosen to learn to play the saxophone, also a first to play one in our family. Bring on the jazzy tunes, how great it is she has chosen this instrument over others as we personally love the sound of saxophone melodies in our home.

We miss you too Sweetie!

As a way of keeping in the loop between those of us living over here and our grandchildren in the west, continually getting to know the happenings within their daily lives and preferences on purpose, I decided to follow the lead when prompted by our youngest daughter by drafting up a little questionnaire for them.

During the writing process, our other children began to mosey forth curiously into the kitchen where we were seated at the table, and within seconds I became verbally bombarded with all of their thoughts and suggestions on the questionnaire, completely hijacked if I do say so myself (laugh), leaving the entire thing almost completely completed with dictations by them. Talk about a group (hijack) effort (LOL) was great fun to get it all together.

Topics ranged from which foods they preferred, what their favorite colors were, favorite-many-things in fact, and all sorts of personal fun. When our recent mailing included the return of those same questionnaires complete with their answers noted on them, everyone here asked to see them and became so excited to not only read the responses but thrilled for mail from their nieces/sister. Funny how something simple is so treasured, and these are.

Since we now have several older grandchildren living out west, far from us while we remain living here in the eastern part of our country, it's unanimous here to keep revisiting this fun questionnaire throughout the years with all of them, if for any reason to remain in the loop and keep up with changes in their personal preferences acquired in their young lives as time flies by.

Just ask my hubby and he'll tell the same thing I feel - "Anytime is Grandbabe time!" :)

Thanks so much girls for the goodies!
We love you!

Love Nana and Grandpa