Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creating and crafting Olympic Inukshuks

What can one do with a little batch of colorful modeling clay and a few primary colored lego bricks?

Why gosh-golly-gee, our younger ones decided to follow the inspiration offered by their cousin David after he shared a photo from flicker on his facebook.

All set and ready to create

Olympic fever has hit the world with Vancouver playing host for this year's 2010 Olympics currently in progress. Believe it or not, the enthusiasm has even carried over into the Lego world.

Before beginning to create a replica from the computer's photo on the screen using lego bricks, a trial run began using clay to get a feel for the Olympic fella.

Both younger children steamed ahead and made a few 2010 Olympic (flat Stanley-type) Inukshuks with their clay, using the photo on the computer screen as a color and shape guide.

In the spirit of the Olympics, all items produced this day were created in Olympic featured colors they are well known for.

Then came time for gathering some of the primary colored lego bricks from our family collection to create a lego Olympic Inukshuk.

Using the brick types on hand, although we didn't own the exact rounded types preferred to mimic the design of the one shown on the screen, great concentration was necessary to complete the project.

I think they did a pretty good job considering it was a project on impulse. Maybe though their man looks like he has a super-sized and extra big mouth. Oh dear, maybe he's hungry? LOL

Today the lego bricks are flying about as more Olympic sport items are created; the snowboarding pipe, the ski runs, a man holding up a torch with red hands, and much more is in progress as I type this up.

I have no idea what other Olympic-type projects per se are currently under construction, all I know is it's noisy (!) as they continue to search for specific bricks.

You can view the photo on flickr that seemingly created such an inspiring lego brick build of the day by clicking HERE to view it.