Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roses are Red...

Valentine's Day on the Hallmark calendar is such a fun time during February, the longest and yet the shortest month in winter.

Around our home "Valentine's Day" happens every day of the year and not just on the calendar appointed time. Oh yes it does.

On this exact yearly date though, my husband, like many other fathers, takes this opportunity to shower his girls at home with floral rose bouquets for his daughter-loves, his special ladies he holds dear to his heart.

Aside from thinking so sweetly of his wife (moi), he was amazingly sneaky this year with his purchases because he not only sneaked the flowers into the house, but he also arranged them in vases and hid them in our cold storage room downstairs on the bottom floor.

He had high hopes that no one would even find them there, at least not this time of year (read - cold!). And, he was right.

(she is wearing her Vancouver Olympic shirt
birthday gift from her older sister and family)

Often we have to coach our girls on how to accept a floral gifting because they become all coy-shy when their daddy blesses them with flowers, not quite knowing how to express their pleasures over having them yet.

It is good manners to show gratitude after receiving a gift from someone, even floral bouquets, but it is sheer joy to see their faces when their daddy treats them like his princesses this day.

Grabbing my camera, I decided to just keep on snapping when they both were presented with flowers and headed over to thank their daddy for theirs.

In the collage below take a look at the facial expressions of our younger daughter especially, and then that of her daddy as he begins to goof around with his funny face looks at the camera. But then, take a look at our older daughter, just very pleased as his thoughtfulness towards her in general.

Okay, now you get to see my floral bouquet.

Aren't they just gorgeous?

But then, surprise of all surprises, our older son came towards me with his hand behind his back, grinning from ear to ear. He presented me with the flowers below, and I think shock appeared on my face and my stunned impression made everyone laugh.

My son bought me flowers?

His story is; when he went to the cashier to pay for the flowers, all the cashier gals (it was slow in the store) asked who the lucky girl was who would get these. When he told them "mommy", they were all swooning and melting knees occurred.

I guess word "got around" and he now carries quite a reputation there, at the very same store he works at.

I wonder if he thought about that beforehand. To be a teenage boy with many girls suddenly paying attention to him? Hmmm.....funny.

Thank you to my hubby and my son for my lovely roses.