Friday, February 12, 2010

Seasonal changes out my window

Snow blankets the ground still this week, having not melted much at all since shortly before Christmas.

We're expected more snow this weekend, and yet as always the sun is peaking just over the ridge out the front of the house yet again today. Another lovely day ahead. Perfect for taking children to the dentist later this afternoon, but I highly doubt they would agree much with me on that one.

I glance out this window often during my days. I love just how the light enters the house from the arched window above.

My husband and I have noticed moisture being retained on the lower end, and without a doubt now we see the window seal has blown on this window and needs replacement. Another smaller arched window in our living room has also a blown seal.

Note to hubby; Make your call today. :)

The Olympics begins this weekend, opening ceremonies will be live on screens all over the world tonight, even though they were televised Feb. 10th already.

A bit of a spoiler comes from a niece who was present there, and two friends who both concur; It was "freaking awesome" was the response. I think that's good, right? They could use our weather about now. I heard it was gloomy and raining there today. Too bad.

Our furry white weasel resident has not been seen since the mad dash episode the other day, thank goodness. It still remains to be seen and we are all wondering where it is, and if it was able to get back outdoors again. Where oh where would his entry hole be coming from? Apparently he could pose a danger around our rabbits, even in their cages, so a few people here are a little nervous about that.

Happy day everyone! What are the seasonal changes in view from your window today?

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