Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ahhhh, another opportunity for public thanksgivings....

  • For today, I offer humble thanksgiving for all the many blessings in life always granted unto me, the ones I can humbly admit I can't possibly at times, even begin to deserve.
  • In my obvious and most imperfect human way, I am thankful for yet another day to pick myself up when the load becomes too much and it is there when I can and I will (!) CHOOSE to begin all anew again, thankful for the opportunity to seek and ultimately find refreshment of body and spirit during quieter times of prayer and reflection.
  • And obviously this "thankful" bit would never be complete without my admission to being ever thankful to my hubby who has encouraged me onward in all my endeavors, always. Love him!

Actually, true confession time; for my readers who have come to know me as a vibrant and positive individual through all of life's thick and thin, always searching and hoping to find the good in every circumstance, plus the graces and the blessings in all things... please never assume there are no pits in my bowl of cherries. I have many, many of them! Yet, in life, each of those pits represents (I believe) something dropped down as a test no doubt.

Perhaps you have those hard crunchy pits in your life like me. No, allow me to say - of that, I am sure of it.

Take heart dear friends because how we handle and persevere in our difficulties of life, do keep trying to concentrate on end results of each personal situation, knowing full well your God and Captain has once again already ordained this day for us.

We but only have to lean on the truths of those promises and grow to have a peaceful and childlike implicit TRUST for his plan for our lives.

And, when things get all too difficult, I promise you that we have merely to call upon our heavenly friends and powerful prayer warrior earthly friends to intercede on our behalf, assisting us when our hearts seem all too weary.
Mine is weary these days, of that I am sure but that is not a negative thing, feeling this way just seems to offer even more reason to stay on my knees longer. It's all in one's perspective, right?

It feels as though drama (both good and not so good) seems to unfold at every turn these days. I suppose that's how life is though, we must take the great and the not so great to keep all balanced in our days.

As I prepare my heart and that of my family for the days of Lent ahead, I promise to offer thanksgiving and prayer for all of you. Won't you please also pray for me/us?