Monday, February 01, 2010

Walking on sunshine, don't it feel GOOD

The outdoor skating arena is open again!

On a cool crisp day the sun beckons to come out and play.

The sun though is exceptionally deceitful in its presentation for temptation to send us outdoors. It's been freezing cold the past few days, in fact the thermometer has dipped to -28C allowing for times of pouting lips and total despair from children who so desperately wish to get out and have fun outdoors.

Out of the blue our 12yo son concluded;
"Mom, it's so beautiful out there, the sun is so bright it feels like summer, that is until I open the door."
Actually many times the past few days everyone takes cover when the door is about to be opened because a good hint to the frigid temperatures appears INSIDE the door for all to see.

Amazing as it sounds, a white icy frost is visible and clearly evident INSIDE on the door and the INSIDE garage window panes are thick with an ice build up from the moisture on the garage floor from the dripping thaw off the vehicles.

Ice builds inside the house during cold days here

Alas it's warmer today. The thermometer reads a balmy -9C, perfect for skating, or tubing, or sledding, or just walking the dogs.

One of our grand-daughters shouted to me one fine early September morning;
"Nana, we're going to go outside okay? We need to get some Vitamin D."
I had to contain myself from the giggles about to spill out from the depths of my belly. She was right though. Oh yes, she was.

Are you getting your vitamin D these days, either in a sunny/bright window or actually donning your boots on and sucking back some fresh air outdoors?

If not - why not? If not, really? What's holding you back?

Hitting the slopes on a -10C glorious
super sunny day for some snow tubing.

Remember how refreshing it is to wander outdoors for a short while, or a long time?

The sun beckons us out the door almost every day here. Well almost.

Might I recommend using the sun to your favor during this winter blah time of year? You'll feel so much better if you head outside for a little while each day. Believe me. You will.

The squalls are no where in sight today.

Maybe we'll hit the slopes again later today for some half price Tuesday snow tubing.

Or? Something else? :)