Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Morning Birthday Girl

Working late at night, my big boy and I were busy in the kitchen putting up some decor for our youngest daughter's birthday surprise, decor meant to be a simple yet fanciful touch.

Streamers were hung from cupboard doorknobs to the lighting fixture. A birthday balloon bouquet was resting directly underneath on top of a red western straw hat.

What was supposed to be a refreshing rise on her birthday - wasn't. At least not at first.

She had crept out of her warm bed in the night, unable to resume her sleep after waking suddenly and wanted to nestle in for a bit with me. I can't say I can hardly blame her, especially after what we had encountered in our home yesterday.

The adventures continue living here in the east, and we are still wondering just WHEN life will settle down a bit for us. Good grief!

I'm almost stifling the laughs here, for this one is funny and yet, not. gulp

A mouse entered our home recently. We know that because he was caught and doesn't reside here any longer.

Noise echoed round the duct venting, echoing on two floors. Surely another mouse we thought. Out went our defense mode of mouse catching.

Yesterday afternoon, both my husband and I were both out when, in sync, we both received telephone calls on our cells with squealing girl sounds in the background and boys with huge excitement in their bellowing voices.

Something white with a furry tail was running all over the house! And, it wasn't a mouse!

The story we got was it was discovered asleep inside of an cold air duct in the basement, after one son was curious enough to unscrew the front steel plate. This was the duct where all the noise seemed to be coming from earlier in the day. Now fully disturbed from his slumber with all the commotion overhead, a little white furry ball came to life, stirred for a moment and then in a mad fright jumped out, raced across the floor and headed across the room to a furnace vent.

Another son on the upper floor noticed the white furry thing, wondering how it had risen to the upper floor, and noticed it was now racing around our dining room, circling the stairwell, bolting into the family room, and just as the younger son was trying to head it off at the pass with his plastic sword in hand, the thing stopped suddenly and froze. While standing upright it stood very still while gazing at the flames through the glass on the front of our gas fireplace.

Everyone froze with him, stunned too for the sudden stop and then the wild race was back on.

The back door was open, just in case he would bolt outdoors but instead he decided to circle round and round the kitchen island and bolted into the hall closet, and then under the door again and into the laundry room, making a whooping dive down into the furnace vent on the floor. They think. At least it's not been found hunting anywhere else.

It has not been seen since. We did however discover what it was. It was a (ready for this?) a short tailed white weasel. If you'd care to see just exactly "WHAT" was running and bolting about our home, the cute looking little fellow our gang thought might make a nice pet, check out this man's blog post of a similar incidence he had with one
by clicking over HERE.

Apparently they are like a cat, happy to follow the trails of and chase rodents for their evening dinner. It followed the mouse in here alright. His time inside our home will end when the dinner buffet is finished, so we're hoping soon. How about today?

Back to the birthday girl...

She was restless and so very tired this morning when she woke, rather when I woke and found her still laying next to me.

She loved the surprise kitchen decor, and wore her birthday girl shirt well this day. She beamed with happiness and told me she was getting O-L-D! grin

A quiet day overall, it snowed and snowed most of the day.

Many phone calls came in from the west with the traditional happy birthday singsong, so lovely every time.

The birthday dinner of choice seems to change from one child to the next, but this one like her oldest brother enjoys her daddy's homemade (cilantro and onion) burgers. Simple. Easy. Satisfying.

Our pony trainer girl enjoyed her birthday booty of pony saddle pad, pony puzzle and maze book, pony harness, and riding gloves to match.

She'll be heading out to shop for some new grooming brushes for her horse grooming kit soon with her
"Greenhawk" gift card and can hardly wait to use it all at the barn soon.

Happy Birthday - We Love You!

The cake offered a candle illuminated photo though I've softened it a bit so her name wasn't visible here.