Saturday, December 02, 2006

After the rain comes the sun.

A wee bit of RAIN !

We experienced a wee bit of a rain storm yesterday with large billowy black clouds bulging and continually spilling the wet and waterfall like precipitation upon us. Of course it had no where to go but down, and down it fell....and hard!

The gale force winds crept up suddenly, pounding and hitting boldly enough to send our basketball net crashing to the ground, even with the sixty pounds of sand inside its lower base, once again cracking the net backboard. One of the hockey nets moved from one side to the other on the concrete sports court, now resting in the opposite corner to where it had been originally.

Power went on and off in town, but here the lights merely flickered most of the day. I mentally thought of how many more mice would see the advantage of entering our home to nestle away from the harsh weather outdoors. Yuck!

A severe storm from the Midwest was speeding quickly east bound, and though the snow they experienced never hit anywhere here, the storm itself began to hover about sending those large rain clouds careening towards us, threatening us with its dregs and the ensuing blustery powerful winds naturally coming our way.

We are expecting snow tonight, the air chilling more with each passing hour today, so everyone is anxious to see if the neighbors were right when we first arrived here, on the fact that our yard produced the largest ice arena for all the neighbors to join in and ice skate on. We'll see.

Kidding around again, just like our other home in the west when the back park basin filled with water functioning as the water retention area for the neighborhood, we feel when the yard here also becomes "water frontage"; shouldn't the value of the land increase dramatically?

My new doorknob decor in a few areas to make me smile.

Meanwhile, here’s an update to the mice situation. We learned we do not have “house mice”; rather we have “deer mice”, an incredible disadvantage to home owners for being the worse for plentiful reproduction. To date, we’ve captured four, yet that count has increased as we hear another (or two) in the steel trap up in the dark recesses of the attic (works great) which we discovered but haven’t officially taken close observations of yet. Last night we discarded the contents of the same trap, two deer mice inside deceased, and we were able to observe them up close. They are so ugly! In fact, their ears and hind feet are very large, nose overly pointed, large beady eyes, and the fur not very smooth. These types of mice live in the fields and eat mostly seeds, so it was a huge surprise to find they’d filled their cheek pouches with the entire contents of our “mouse treats” box, seed coated pellets of poison. No doubt they are attracted to it, but likely ate way too much to “save for later”.

Ugly deer mouse with bugged eyes and big ears !

I am typing this writing while attempting to unthaw my hands and feet, spending the morning selling Christmas trees as a volunteer with the Cub Scout group for their annual fundraiser. They asked us all to take three two hour shifts during this month, parent and Cub son, so there I was faking my knowledge of the three different species of Christmas trees before me, offering various sizes and pricings. We noticed the variety of spruce trees here filled with tiny cones looking as though the trees are already completely decorated with an array naturally sprinkled all around their needles.

A little trailer was on the property for us to warm up in briefly between customers, with a wee fan blowing warm air into the tiny space of its early sixties interior. With my two hours completed today around other children’s activities, I have one slot down and only two more to go, but I’m so cold still, one hour later, so I’m off to sit nearer to the fireplace.