Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Private lake to ice skating rink.

Private waterfrontage

One big icy puddle!

As the ground freezes below the earth’s soil, the rains from last week are still forming mini waterfronts here and there on our acreage. The back yard seems to carry an abundance of water, equivalent to that of a private lake.

Naturally the children ventured outdoors donning their knee high black rubber boots last week for the sole purpose of taking a stroll through the waters. One son ended up with water spilling into both of his boots as he took one step too many towards the center of the never ending wet stuff (lake). This resulted in unwelcome wet and cold feet eventually creeping up his pant legs, resulting in him finally realizing he was freezing cold with the -6 degree wind chill blowing on his young wrapped up body.

They don't make boots high enough to get to the middle!

This week, the weather dipped to freezing levels noted on the thermometer, providing us with the beginning of ice formations on our large, and soon to be, private ice skating rink. All were patient awaiting thicker surfacing for a well desired skating session, however to date, it's just not ready yet.

One young neighbor down the road ran over surprising us at the front door three days ago, energetically inquiring into the condition of our “ice rink”, as his skates were awaiting an invitation.

The neighbors were correct all along!

We really do get quite a monstrous water formation in the back part of our land, and it has resulted in everyone waking up each new morning with high hopes of ice, ice baby.

Getting there!

Everyone has the frosty ice rink image clearly on their minds. I can tell as they are all creating a plan of action for when the grand day arrives, and we can actually gather the ice skates because the surface and depth of the ice is at last ready to glide upon. I’m sure all the hockey pucks and sticks, orange cones, will also be cluttering up the surface, goalies at each end, when they invite friends to move freely in the outdoor cool temperatures playing hockey with them from dawn to dusk.

Sun shining as usual providing a wee thaw!

“Just like ice skating outside on top of Grouse Mountain”; they say. “How very cool!”

One child has grand hopes of plugging in a CD player machine on the back deck and blasting Christmas music throughout the neighborhood, while they all gingerly meander and glide about, giggling and thrilled no doubt, over the entire new and unique concept of this whole possibility. It warms my heart to envision them all out there hour after hour, but I know I won't be able to just sit inside and peer out the window at them all. I know I will personally feel motivated to join them and maybe even entice them by picking up a hockey stick of my own!

Oh, what have we here today?
Winter wonderland perhaps?

Let it snow! Come on, bring it on!

Wouldn’t that just be a wild concept?

Mom playing hockey!

Little do these youngsters know I was amazing at noon hour floor hockey once upon a time. There's no way I've lost my touch! he he he

After a while though, I’ll be forced to stoke up a fire at the fire pit and warm myself up and have a hot cup of something to unthaw my inner core. Brrrrr....

It's that time of year!

Bring on the snow!

Shhhhh, don’t tell them, but I can hardly wait too!