Monday, December 18, 2006

Sweet decorating.

Gingerbread house traditions.

Year after year, I always tell the children no more, but here we are today with yet another gingerbread house, completely decorated with assorted candy and all held together with white icing.

Holding the roof on until the icing hardens.
Begining to decorate the front.

Someone always licks their fingers at the wrong time offending others with their "germs", steals a few bonbons to everyone's chagrin and no one seems to fully agree on just how the final decor should be. But eventually the project complete, all stand back to admire it.

However, year after year they remember this family project, with their slight changes over the years from graham crackers to this purchased kit, much easier to build and keep standing.

The project complete, someone has wrapped it up in plastic saran in the hope it will remain decorated until after Christmas as is our tradition. I wonder how long the goodies of the decor will last?