Saturday, December 16, 2006

Decked out.

Decked out country style!

I've always admired this older home, modest in its country setting, located near our local post office in the middle of no where (literally!).

Local heritage home simply decorated.

I love the fact that it's still standing, over one hundred years after it was built, the large white wooden double garage out back nestled nicely into the landscape of mature trees surrounding the land, obviously so much smaller now than it used to be with a small subdivision located around its perimeter of the property lines. The humorous thing though are the other homes nearby are at least sixty years old themselves, if not older.

Though the fence near the roadway was too far forward on the property to photograph both it and the home through the density of the small forest of white spruce trees between the two, the owners have decorated it with great big boughs of greenery draped nicely in large scoops, along the length of the fence, and added colorful red bows, attached to the centers of the topping.

This home doesn't have a billion lights on it to warrant the city bus taking a special trip for all Christmas lighting seekers to see its special lighting.

Oh no!

But, in its incredible simplicity, one can’t help but notice, absolutely be drawn with an eye to smile and admire this humble abode, and the color which gives this heritage home much justice. Certainly it does also present the rural community with a festive spirit to admire.

Smaller heritage home.

Another heritage home, much smaller with a tiny more rural city lot, but note the humble decor outside and the tree in the window. Simple pleasures offered to passersby.

The neat fact too is folks here all seem to find decorating their properties a formidable little task, which all admire and love. The decorations are simple and hardly extravagant at all, not just Christmas lights by night either, rather festive and bold color surrounding the house, fencing and especially all the mailboxes lining the roadway. The mailman must surely be enjoying this time of year as he blesses others with their daily mail. I smiled at one house, as they added candy canes up and down the garland wound around the mailbox posting, with a sign offering them as "shepherd's crooks". Neat. No, our mailbox is not one of those cool and festive little gems...shame, shame. A fun thought for next year perhaps.

Since our home is too difficult to add a plethora of lighting to it's rooftop, we added color as well, for daytime festive mood appeal. *smile* Here is one of the red bows we have added onto our *eight* carriage lighting bottoms outside.

What a fun difference this makes!