Monday, December 18, 2006

The Art Show

When I posted this has been a busy week for wrapping up activities, I wasn't kidding!

This past weekend, the long awaited grand finale "Art Lessons Show" was a proud feature for all the young artists who have been working hard these past eight weeks, all taking part in an art school class. Alas, though items remaining for the well deserved art display were many, and most interesting, some of the initial items were brought home as they were difficult to store in their "portfolios" awaiting this final day, therefore not seen here.

All those super techniques the children had mentioned week after week when ending their lessons, those they spoke of fondly after each class, were there for all to see, on display, with parents roaming around the tables, welcomed for the last half an hour at the end of the last session.

His display was spread across two chairs, this was one.

Using a various assortment of art mediums such as pen and ink, charcoal, pastels, acrylic, watercolor, clay for making pottery, paper mache, and other sordid sketching shade technique examples, our two younger children learned much, loved their time each week creating masterpieces, and have already expressed interest in partaking in the upcoming spring session.

What fun!

She loved this class, as artsy hands make her happy.

I loved viewing all the exhibits and watching the satisfied faces of the children offering their expertise to the parents with explanations of mediums used and techniques learned.

Great job you two!