Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's official!

They're Engaged!

Our daughter Ashley was incredibly shocked when Mike went to give her a Christmas Eve. gift and thought she'd peak, so he wisely decided ahead while she sat on the edge of the couch, so excited to have her gift, he would place a blanket over her head to ensure the surprise was indeed kept intact.

Of course, Mike knew she “would” peak if given the chance before all was in place, so he was being in tune with her curiosities. When the time seemed perfect, Mike pulled the blanket in one swift tug, and down it fell to the ground. As Ashley opened her eyes to see what lay before her, there was Mike, down on one knee, teary eyed from the emotion of the moment, and he requested her hand in marriage, also displaying a lovely custom made engagement ring before her eyes. (The snowboard she thought she was getting from him, was just not to be. *laugh*)

The ring.

Before she knew what had transpired, Ashley reacted suddenly,and began to have a burst of heat flash, cheeks flushed and warm with the ensuing buckets of tears dropping down in a rainstorm fashion onto her lap. Trembling as she attempted to gain control of herself, the shock of the moment hit and reality came into play as she gave a resounding “yes” to Mike’s proposal.

Alas, another grown adult child is engaged, and about to enter into the serious engagement period to discern her future with Mike in the matrimonial sacrament, with promises for a lifetime of togetherness. Plans for an August, 2007 wedding are currently in progress.

Congratulations you two!

Love you lots!