Sunday, December 17, 2006

Decked out some more...

Decked out some more....

Someone adopted this neighborhood tree with love!

Here are more examples of some of the older homes all decked out in festive d├ęcor within our general locale. Though these are not decorated as simple or humbly as the pictures presented in my previous post, these still offer simplicity with that “wow” effect for all to admire.

Candy cane stripes, sleigh on front porch,
wreaths in every window.

Being too that they are located on a busier roadway with fairly heavy traffic, you can bet the owners have many admirers slowing down to take a good look, kind of like us today as we drove by with camera in hand to catch them for the blog. *smile*

I mentioned the popularity of red bows as well in the last writing, and here today you can see for yourself that I wasn't kidding! Red and green are the favorite festive colors all around for sure.

Red bows everywhere one looks!

Both of the homes above have green wreaths located on the outside of every window, with a simple red bow to finish them off. But, the heritage home owners above went all out.....with the red bows! One on the flag pole, the mailbox, bare trees, around the garland swag on the decks, and even with trees burlapped for the winter, they too have red bows on top.

Elderly neighbors down the road were in the "red" too.