Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Guess what's for dinner tonight?

Shrove Tuesday!

Guess what we had for dinner tonight?

Any guessers out there? Yep, pancakes! And our family is strange I suppose, for we have children who love to slosh peanut butter on the pancakes before the maple syrup for a blended and delicious protein addition. Somehow after all these years, it would seem amiss without both condiments present in the very center of the family dining table for the children's special pancake feasting ritual. LOL

This is the famous day for all you can eat pancakes at local restaurants, and any church gathering near to you. Our family has always celebrated this "Fat Tuesday" evening as we usher in the first day of Lent tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. (You can find out more information on the history of Ash Wednesday HERE if you care to.)

Originally this was the day to make zillions of pancakes with entire communities gathering together for the sole purpose of using up all their household supply of eggs, milk (dairy products in general) and fat in their homes, and to continue abstaining from them for the duration of the Lenten days before Easter.

Fresh from the farm

Although we do not give up dairy in our home, tomorrow we will fast and pray. Usually we head to church for our usual ashes on the forehead, but another snowstorm watch is in the forecast for tomorrrow, so likely not.

Fasting, Praying and Sacrifice, that's what Lent is all about.