Monday, February 25, 2008

Skating on our property

Skating and Hockey

..right on our own property!

There are so many joyful times for wintry fun here in the east where plenty of opportunities abound featuring daring adventure just outside our own back doorway on our property.

Each time a new snowfall presents itself out yonder; our children are provided many pastime activity options, especially after a bit of freezing rain descends upon the already frozen ground, and then, another brief snowfall appears through the night to cover it all up again.

The question remains the same from week to week, that of wondering about how large the natural ice skating rink will become after such a time and our little investigators march out to find clues to their question.

One ice rink, and one long skating raceway.

This past week, snow shovels dragged along behind the younger children, both donned in their warmest winter wear, the shovels leaving their marked trail for all to see their little journey to the hidden gem area. Just like Snow White’s dwarfs, they all high-hoed it out day by day, spending a bit of time removing the snow, searching for the glistening and slippery rink (treasure) below. Too bad the garden hoses wouldn’t reach back there for a really great rink possibility, but whenever the winter weather presents itself once again, off they go to prepare a place for yet another hockey foray with friends showing up to partake in the fun.

There is something so memorable as tucking away all of the moments thus far living her in the east when our very own natural surroundings feature such simple and readily available blessings as this sweet thrill for all. All of the children will not soon forget about these winter adventures right outside our back door, as time presses onward as this all becomes a part of their history during their youthful years. Surely they will all hold the memories close to their hearts. I know I love it all, and by all accounts, so do they.