Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lots and lots of snow!



It's been the strangest week for weather patterning here. One day almost two feet of snow fell from the skies, and then the next day it rained and the winds roared with the wild precipitation splattering everywhere just as if a monsoon hit us suddenly. All of the snow from the day before melted in record time by lunchtime yesterday, only to have another snowstorm warning forecasted to hit us again today. And it came, and it's still here!

It's pouring snow, not rain!

The snow is (pelting) down, icy flakes are steadily tinkling against the window with record speeds of snow drifting all over the place. The wind will continues to blow one way, then suddenly the opposite way. Such is a snowstorm I suppose. Everything was can canceled tonight. No hockey game, no card class, most church services for Ash Wednesday during the day, the radio is blaring with all the cancellations as service announcements continue to get called in for circulating.

Here I am, it's bedtime, and this is what I see outside my window shortly before I retire. The deck was already shovelled once before tonight, and here we are again just two hours later.

Pretty white stuff...

Forecast for tomorrow? Believe or not - Sun!