Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thrift store treasure hunts.

Of Springtime...

Speaking of Hallmark type store trinkets again, my weekly errand list became longer one day recently when I added a stop to a favorite thrift store into the time frame. I really felt like getting my little fix, a browse through the store to see what was waiting for me through the doorway into the unknown. I was not disappointed when I walked away with a few sweet items for a springy feel for our home. At least my younger children feel the same way as I, though perhaps not the big ones here. (snicker)

Normally I would not pay any attention to these particular types of trinkets, at least I have not when recollecting of moments in the past. But, when I saw them sitting there amongst other springtime and Easter items, I immediately felt a sense of simple joy and a bit of serendipity when noticing the frolicking exchange between them all, a childlike pleasure for sure, for the way they made me smile. I thought myself so silly at first and promptly ignored them as I continued my search, uh explorations around the store, but then, before leaving the store, a growing desire overcame me and just felt I had to have them. Moreover, for the price of fifty cents apiece, they were a bargain unto themselves.

Frolicking bunnies.

Maybe I’m just feeling melancholy and childlike myself these days, because three other little stuffed animals caught my eye at the counter when I was paying for my “sweet treasures”, and a sweet looking fabric-lined wicker basket did as well. Talk about tempting me with my wallet exposed and money ready to pay before the clerk hit the final cash register tab! HA. Okay, okay, so my total overall for the seven items added up to $2.50

Here's my excuse for these;
In our home we are studying zoology.

Okay, I confess! I’ll just go ahead and admit it! Ya just gotta love shopping at thrift stores to peruse and dig for those simple pleasures offered to us in life, the ones seemingly and continuously lurking around every corner, both on glass and shelf displays that we just gotta have! Then there are those multiple boxes and deep bins associated with such a place, and….you know?

It’s like being a pirate finding sunken treasure. Do you know that feeling too? (big grin)