Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life is full of charm.

Grace and Beauty

I thank all of you who left comments on my recent post titled “You know, I was thinking” I love reading comments and assure you that anyone can leave a comment at any time but usually I keep them moderated and private just so you know this is why they aren't showing up in the comments section. Some have persuaded me to keep change this so it's more public, and perhaps that is an option. Let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, the response to my thoughts on making every day a celebration, and not just using Hallmark occasions to remember to adopt them into your family, were very charming and positive, even so encouraging for my hubby to see he's a special kind of guy. Yesterday, he took a detour when out and about chauferring our son to his hockey practice, for the sole purpose of visiting the floral section of the grocery store. He felt an impulsive nudge to shop for a lovely handful of colorful spring flowers, for gracing our dining room table center once home with them afterwards.

I was charmed when I entered the room after he came home, noting the flowers were already on display in a vase in the center of the table, with candles resting on either side of it.

I was truly delighted, and had to smile, later teasing my hubby about whether or not he felt a bit of pressure over my blog post, daring to place something so private and sweet into the blogosphere. In return, he smiled back and assured me it was time to have more flowers inside.


She loves the flowers her daddy brings home.