Monday, June 02, 2008

Chicky goodbyes

Chicky Goodbyes!

Truly, it was an eventful weekend for our young daughter, and every other member of our family at home.

Three little chicks peeped loudly in our laundry room for three days, mostly due to the many visitors continually entering the room to check out the cool chicks in the box on the floor. I am happy to report all survived their time in our daughter's care, however it was a funny surprise to see how involved everyone got aside from her, proving too many captains cannot run a ship!

Due to having the heat lamp on, and knowing what chicks do with their feet, their little watering dish was continuously empty, or so the gang here submits for the reason why so much water was necessary each time they used "watering" as an excuse for "playing" with the chicks when caught. My hubby turned out to be the very worst culprit, and small chicks aren't really a preferred animal for him to be near at this time in his health journey. He would chuckle when retelling his experiences visiting with the chicks, especially how they would peer at him with their head half turned and one eye up in the air taking him in.

I suppose so many visitors made these little guys a bit nervous, or were they just doing their natural routine by constantly pecking at the corners of the box, until at last, wee holes were noticed right through the cardboard. I caught my hubby in there one time, moving an object back and forth near the hole, teasing the poor young fellows, and then again, he told us how he pretended to scratch the box on the other side of where one was pecking, only to giggle when detailing how all three stopped in their tracks and ran to the opposite corner of the box afterwards. Sounds like he had fun doesn't it? And the rest, well let's just say, all were intrigued and happily involved in the weekend fun.

We were given a large supply of cracked corn in a ziplock bag, and we were assured there was way more within it than necessary. When the owners came to pick up the chicks, the bag (gulp) was empty! How did that happen? I know! It was all those visitors who ventured in there, quickly noticing the empty dish, but they forget all the feed was still there, merely scattered all around for them to find and devour later. I could swear those little furry things doubled in size during our watch, and wonder if the owners noticed too. grin

What a hoot! Or should I say, what a peep! :-)