Friday, September 19, 2008

Animal farm


It's all about animals these days, what with a collection of new finger puppets and all, we have drama galore during the midst of our days.

After being completely inspired by my friend Denise's post HERE, she's also been inspired to draw more, creating her own animal collector cards.

So far she has completed a few simple drawings, and I think it's a sweet endeavor for sure. I hope she retains her enthusiasm for the project because there is nothing so precious as the art of a child.

She even begged her older brother to lend her one of his hockey card plastic sleeve holders and created a great cover for a three ring binder to set it all into. There is nothing more fun than to cheerlead an artistic endeavor such as this one.

Remember pogs?

I recall a time when homemade artistry hit our home with a vengeance, at least during the time period when these HOT little round cardboard images were something else. Like lightning ablaze, POGS hit our town. Our children didn't have enough cash to begin collecting them, so both of our older boys began to cut circles from cardboard and form their unique collections using NHL hockey symbols.

Well now.

If a new fad wasn't born yet again with all the neighborhood boys wanting their handmade pogs, offering to trade their "real" ones for them. I kept them for a long time, bagging them up and setting them aside. Just before moving east, I handed some of their originals back to them.

What fun!