Thursday, September 04, 2008

It must be raw nerves or something....

Goodness me!

Surely this has something to do with raw nerves because recent decisions positively made on impulse have become so strange around here these days.

Take for instance the photo below!

I suppose we were delving deep into our memory banks while away, because the deep desire to rekindle a love for tranquil spaces came over us.

Welcome to our latest fishy tail. This new fish currently resides on our kitchen counter where everyone admires "Tazo Chai" (his name), our watery fin friend. And when the tears bubbled out from our youngest daughter's eye sockets, requesting why we couldn't have just one additional fish friend to call her very own (after all, she too missed her previous fish in her bedroom who died a while back), today her wish came true. We added another to the household. Photo to come....

Must be raw nerves, don't you think? LOL