Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Blast to the past - with brown and orange colors.

Blast to the past!

There are times when a step back in time brings on a rush of memories so grand, thoughts alone spread smiles from cheek to cheek without even trying. It just happens.

Take for instance a rare visit suggestion by my husband to have a bite to eat at a local A&W restaurant last weekend while on our way to watch the sun set at our favorite locale. Truly, I can count the amount of times we’ve eaten any food from this place over the past few years. Usually if this rare occasion develops, we simply do what most folks to, hit the drive through lane. This day my hubby wanted to eat inside, the first time most of us had been in the building! As soon as we entered the building we were met with a complete floor to ceiling archived pictorial wallpaper with scenes of yesteryear. How can that be? Yesteryear? We remembered all those photos from our youth, and we’re not THAT OLD!

A&W restaurant drive in archive wallboard

One particular scene was of a drive-in restaurant with several hut shaped roof tops joined together where cars would park on either side, turn on their lights and await service.

Are we so old we still remember when waitresses wore roller skates to deliver hot food on trays, resting them on vehicle’s window ledges for the patrons inside to pass around for their consumption? Yep, we are. My husband is older than me though, he remembers so much more than I do...snicker, snicker.

Actually when I was a teen, it was *the* place to go together with friends, several carloads of us after our church youth group events because that’s what teens do when they can drive – go ouit and eat! It was also the place where older car shows graced the parking lots after the dinner hour or on Sunday afternoons, very much like something stuck in the fifties.Our youth group gathered there once a year after our fifties themed day of fun, feeling quite a part of the cars displayed. And, the big hit movie just appeared around the same time called "American Graffiti" making this place even more special, a revival of drive in restaurant fun shall we say. laugh

I had a job there once. Well actually I was able to secure a job, and beamed brightly when I brought home my brown and orange uniform. I lay it on my bed admiring it, proudly showing it off to my family, that is until my father wasn't impressed, took it in hand, and returned it to the restaurant because his daughter wasn’t going to work there. (Remember that dad?) smile

Anyway, back to last weekend...

My husband and I reminisced greatly and were both pleased to see real glass mugs of their signature root beer soda drinks were still filled for patrons eating inside. Happily we took our food and sat, noticing outside the windows at the far end of the parking lot – an old car show was in progress. The children chuckled when viewing owners of the cars sitting next to their “lovely babies” in their picnic chairs, hoods of their car up for all to check out the engine.

Remember the Volkswagen beetle and bear mascot signifying anything A&W, and their hot little tune where the bear completed his fancy footwork all the way down the road, and you are about our age. Remember how they tried to change the restaurant colors and update everything? Why is it then all A&W restaurants have returned to their roots, and assumed their original brown and orange colors both inside and outside of the buildings again, uniforms too?

Because they can.

Because they know they had a good thing even all those years ago when wide eyed teens sat eating their teen burgers and watching who was driving in to find a spot under those hutted rooftops.

And here today, our youngest daughter decided to show us her perfect table manners when she discovered a white onion slice inside her burger and of all the things – no ketchup on it!