Thursday, September 04, 2008

Scrumptious September

We're back!

Thanks so much for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. We missed you all, and still plan to get caught up with replies on all the emails if we haven't already.

We came, we saw, we departed... and that clearly sums up our recent trip for the sole purpose of scouting out a new geographical area we may soon call our new home turf. Life sure has a way of throwing unexpected curves at us when least desired, however we feel our trip overall was as pleasant as could be hoped for.

To our great surprise my husband's company had already forged forward assigning a relocation expert to our case, and upon our arrival back home again a telephone message from a local Realtor who was awaiting an appointment as quickly as possible to take a walk through our home, offering a professional appraisal on our property was awaiting a response from us. was all happening way too quickly, our heads involuntarily began to spin round and round.

Thus was the melancholy feel earlier this week when we realized we were unprepared for such a meeting and ended up beelining everyone into position to get the house shipshape for the appointment with this Realtor to get the paperwork rolling on our end at the very least.

Adrenaline was pumping harder than any aerobic activity could ever produce - believe me!

We required a few days to recover afterwards too - believe me!

I'll begin to post more over the next few days, but first we have rolled into ice hockey tryouts for an upper level team our older son is hoping to avoid "the red carded cuts". Piano lessons begin tomorrow, and this mama is sipping more coffee lattes than usual while attempting to mentally gear up slowly but surely for the implementation of yet another school syllabus for the year ahead (remember though, we just ended our last year the first week of August!). Whew...I am SO not ready yet, and the sun is shining every day for perfect beach weather all week. Pinch me. It's a tough decision to make here, beach or ?? hmmm....

It just seemed fitting however with everything on our plates to begin our September with a scrumptious start. Well at least it felt like something positive.

To quote some famous comedienne, (can't remember who it was though at this moment, grin), when nothing makes sense = eat cake!

And we did, eat cake! A very yummy cake at that! :-)