Friday, September 19, 2008

High Tech Highschool

High Tech Highschool

It's happened!

Something has happened around here we never thought would ever be possible. We have two in highschool this year (both seniors) registered on online courses (as before), but this year we have a glitch with both requiring computer usage at the same time. Yes sir, indeed we've entered into a new whole of high tech year on laptops.

When mom (me) was blessed with my very FIRST one this spring (and how long did I wait for that baby?), everyone seems to prefer how handy it has become to be online, so much less cumbersome for getting around, in town, out of town, on the couch, at the table, however we wish to use it.

For the most part my laptop is permanently perched on our new kitchen island's raised bar and the tall bar stools are so comfy for all to rest there a while, schooling when necessary, books often present.

There's just one problem folks! Mom is finding she doesn't share well when having to go around every one else, and that became a key factor in the high tech decision. Naturally I like to think I can share really easily, but no, it just won't work the way I had planned it. But, because using the laptops will become a necessity this year for a myriad of writing assignments requiring keyboarding, saving and online uploading. As well, with a big move ahead of us sometime before or after winter, the laptops will save our family from becoming unable to attend the classes properly without a hindrance if hotels become likely, or travel, or whatever.

So there you go. Truth learned. But two teens have broad smiles plastered on their faces, "thinking (!)" they've just been gifted with their very own laptops here. Not so, for they will share with two other siblings, oh yes they will.

Here's to a great year, a new year of teens thinking they own these laptops. :-)