Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wasaga Beach and other explorations

Wasaga Beach
and other areas of exploration

Rolling along on our roadtrip still....

Road trip memories continue with our family's exploration of other local areas outside of the Greater Toronto Regions. The summer heat finally became a deciding factor to head north to check out several vacation spots, one being the world famous, longest North American fresh water beach called “Wasaga Beach” resting on the shores of Georgian Bay. We heard very good things about this famous beach. Many local folks bragged continuously over the natural white sand, the deep sand dunes, and the overall summery feel to the area, so heading there this day while we were altogether seemed like a grand idea. We knew though we would be browsing the countryside and testing the air during our outing, as per the real reason for this trip in the first place.

As we meandered through the maze of several quaint and friendly towns along the way, the town of Wasaga came into full view on the horizon ahead. Once we drove towards the public beach areas, we couldn’t help but wonder where in the world all those people lounging on the hot sand, or shopping in the many beachside venues came from!

This Wasaga area is comprised of five provincial park beaches located on its shores, and everything became very unappealing to us not long after arriving. At first we thought it would be fun to perhaps stay and linger awhile for a few minutes to dip our feet in the Bay of one of the Great Lakes, Huron Lake to be exact.

Decidedly though the roads were ridiculously busy, just like the sidewalks and beach sands, traffic was bumper to bumper and crawling at a slow pace, so we skipped the idea entirely to stop somewhere and moved on. We had already seen enough.

Locals laugh when we complained afterwards about the crowds there; telling us they rarely get to this beach in peak seasons themselves. They know of other beaches to head to, where there are no crowds, no parking issues and no traffic.

As we drove back the way we came, everyone noticed a different sort of tourist trap and appealed to us to stop there instead. Squeals of delight reigned high as my hubby pulled into the parking lot, excitement galore took over.

Go Karts! Who wouldn’t be happy to drive one of these, all five miles of the course! Yes sir, all FIVE miles!

Helmets were located, and tried on for size. Catchy snaps on the helmets were a hindrance to secure until my hubby came to the rescue of the children, ensuring safety first before allowing any of the them into their assigned karts. Two teamed up together in one vehicle while the other two were assigned their very own. All were eager to crank up the speed and whiz out of there, sitting ready for the signal to zoom ahead.

Even without driver's licenses, and just like the

golf cart fun, they could all share in this fun activity together.

What fun they had! Smiles magnated on their beaming faces every time they neared as they rounded another bend and returned to the rest of the course.

Cameras snapped, pictures were taken, memories made.