Friday, September 19, 2008

I know...

I know, I know....

I know I am behind these days, many posts in the works from our recent roadtrip still in progress, but a funny thing happens along the way, especially when I'm behind it seems, life happens and the merry go round still whirls round and round.

Here's to the liberating fact that I can post all the photos below and feel slightly caught up. Are many words necessary? No and if so, you won't be getting them today...wink,wink.

Welcome to "snippets" from our week...

Pomegranates are here again.
Catch the reason why they are so GOOD for us by reading HERE.

What else goes best with a movie?

Zip is Canada's answer to Netflix

Specializing in ordering all our many favorites oldies and more...
(Hooked on original Star Trek season one, Hogan's Heroes and Carol Burnett reruns.)

Waiting for haircuts
Check out the fad shoes...and HER hair on the floor!

"SHORTER", she said.
Ta da! Caught both pics above on the cell phone camera

Airport cargo, Other cargo

Of hockey bags, sticks and Dad's suitcase all in one night
(Not a great pic, taken with while moving with cell phone camera)

Scramble craze hits our home!
(psst... it's all Therese's fault! lol)

Keeps the mind sharp we are told

Dad wanted bread pudding

Mom wanted seafood

DEEP in pursuit of the right colors
(not sure what happened to all our organizing last summer)

Of bricks and bricks of Lego
and a great imagination.

Hanging around on the wet rocks
Lapping up the waves, the boaters and the sun's setting

...and trying to catch flying fish

Thankful for fall arriving soon

Hubby - Meet me on the boardwalk;
we can talk, hold hands and look into one another's eyes

Day is done